Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting

What Is Business Consulting?

Organizations in many industries use business consulting services to help them solve problems, improve efficiencies, and grow their ventures.
Business consultants partner with companies and small businesses to identify obstacles a company faces in reaching its goals. These consultants are responsible for determining out-of-the-box strategies to help companies overcome their challenges.

A career providing business consulting services relies on the ability to plan and organize, as well as creativity and strategic thinking to help business owners and companies troubleshoot and problem-solve.
“Business consulting involves providing expert advice and guidance to organizations to help them improve their operations, achieve their goals, and solve complex business problems,”.
Why would a company seek business consulting services? One reason is cost-savings, as hiring a consultant with specific expertise in solving common business bottlenecks can be much more economical than hiring a full-time staff member.
Business consulting services include anything from strategic planning, financial management, and marketing to operations management, IT, and organizational development.

Education and Training

One traditional road to a business consulting career involves earning a bachelor’s degree in business, social sciences, or engineering. Some business consultants also go on to get an MBA. But other types of training and experience can help you get started in the field.
“While having completed college and perhaps post-graduate work is valuable, it is much more important to have acquired real world experience and expertise,” Burruano says. “You must be able to provide a unique perspective to help see what the client who has hired you either cannot see on their own, or lacks the necessary bandwidth to act on that perspective. For this reason, you need to determine what specific expertise and perspective you can offer others that would be of value.”

Our business consultants tie together strategy, culture, process, people, and technology, all underpinned by agility, innovation, and data.

  • Business Strategy
  • Human-centered transformation
  • Customer value and operational excellence
  • Digital leadership and CIO agenda